BTW: Gannett will start competing with local ad agencies

The venture will be called “Gannett Local” …”focused on working with small and medium sized business to provide them a high-touch marketing consultation and a suite of multiplatform solutions (search engine marketing, e-mail, digital display, website, and geo-targeted print/flyers) delivered by a team of dedicated experts over the phone.”

Now I wonder how many times the high-touch marketing consultants will recommend the IN as an advertising option.

The deck is definitely stacked against me. [Shameless plug: If you believe newspapers are about journalism, not marketing, please consider us. Contact Jennifer].

While people and businesses in Pensacola complain about the daily newspaper, they still will spend the majority of their ad dollars with them. Local Gannett will be successful…for awhile and that’s all it needs is to be successful long enough to put the local competition out of business.

And I’m the dummy that refused BP ads – running tally it’s cost me about $2,500-3,200 to date.

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A funny aside, I got a phone call from Gannett in Atlanta wanting to bid on my printing. Remember the local Gannett paper is printed in Mobile, but Atlanta wants my business. Yeah, right, nothing could ever go wrong with that.

I am an idiot.