Bubba Watson and the new hot spot of downtown Pensacola

By Blanton Stagno

Coming out of the front door of the Sweet Spot, Bubba Watson was wearing some crazy socks and untied running shoes. You could tell from his appearance that he is a kid at heart, which makes the idea of owning a candy store perfect!

Ice cream, gummy bears, sweedish fish, lemonheads the store has it all. It is like a kids’ paradise. You see little children eyeing candy that looks tasty or interesting and some are on there tip toes peering over the counter to see what flavor ice cream they want. The Sweet Spot has become highly popular throughout the city of Pensacola.

Mr. Watson has a curriculum that he likes to follow when running his candy store. He likes to get the people of Pensacola involved to create success.

“It has been amazing. This is my first time in a real business so it’s important is to learn and get feedback. We ask the people to comment on what flavors, what things they like, what treats they like, what they don’t like, and so we try to learn from that.”

So far the system Bubba and his colleagues use has worked pretty well. Every kid and parent come out of the store with a treat of their choosing and a smile on their face.

Bubba cares about the city of Pensacola a lot. He is out of town much of the time because he is a professional golfer and spends weeks away from the city perfecting his game and playing in tournaments, but that doesn’t mean he goes a day without remembering where he is from and what Pensacola has done for him.

“I was born and raised here. This city has given me so much and so have the people. Somebody who sponsored junior golf tournaments when I was growing up let me play for free and get exposure in the world about reality. For me its about coming back. I’m getting older and I want to do my part of giving back to the city. To do that I want to keep creating businesses and jobs in this beautiful city and I want the city to remain here for many years.”

Bubba is known as a professional golfer but he wants to be a good citizen and give back to the city and be a good person. He doesn’t want to just be known as professional golfer he wants to be known as more than that. The Sweet Spot and his generosity to the city should give a solid idea of what kind of person Bubba Watson is.

Bubba Watson decided to own a candy store because the idea is exciting, interesting and fun! It will bring people to downtown Pensacola.

“It’s just fun! When you look at it you wonder how are you going to get people downtown? Every big city around the world has a treat shop wherever you are or whatever culture you are in. This location, this area, Palafox, Main Street, it seemed like a perfect location and a perfect thing that I want to do. I’m a kid at heart.”

When you’re in the mood for something sweet, don’t dive into that boring Vanilla ice cream you have stowed away in your freezer some where. Take a trip to downtown Pensacola and go to the sweet spot where you can find many different flavors of ice cream, an assortment of candies, and other treats. You’ll come out with a smile and a feeling of satisfaction.

Editor’s note: Blanton Stagno was “on loan” from Suwanee for a few weeks this summer. His goal is to be sports writer. He stayed an extra day for a chance to interview Bubba Watson.