Bubbas disarmed and de-lighted

On Feb. 19, two days before the county commission voted to pay for the legal defense of its code enforcement officers, County Administrator Bob McLauglin sent a memo to Charlie Walker, head of code enforcement.

The memos states:

McNesby has withdrawn all affiliation with code enforcement and asked that the code enforcement officers (CEO) return their commission cards asap.

CEOs don’t have arrest powers under Florida law

CEOs are not entitled to bear arms. However, they are authorized to “apply for and utilize valid concealed weapon permits for the purpose of self-defense.”

CEOs can’t carry a firearm in a holster displayed openly on his or her belt. It must be concealed.

CEOs can’t drive vehicles with blue lights. “We will have to change the lights to amber or remove them altogether.”

CEOs will be allowed to wear body armor as a component of their official uniform.