Butler honored by Meals of Honor

Press Release: Meals of Honor (MOH), a nationwide organization dedicated to feeding disabled and homeless US Veterans, through the recycling of old cell phones. The founder of Meals of Honor is Jodie Butler, a familiar name and face in the Pensacola community. Jodie is best known as an extraordinary networker and probably most remembered for his involvement with Honor Flight. Jodie has always had a passion for Veterans, due to his Father and other family members that served our country. He realized that the Veterans who have given so much to defend the freedom of the citizens of the United States, were not given the chances and care that they deserved after their service was up. Thus, Meals of Honor was born.

The Pensacola community has known what has led Jodie to get involved with Veterans Affairs. The loss of his brother-in-law garnered worldwide attention. In his honor, Jodie started a recycling program, collecting and recycling old cell phones and using the proceeds to buy calling cards for our deployed heroes. They sent millions of calling minutes with funds generated from phones that came from all over the country.

Shortly after his father’s death, Jodie was diagnosed with a very rare genetic disorder. Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis causes sudden attacks of total paralysis. When it hits he is limp before he hits the floor, in fact feeling nothing when he lands. He has had episodes while running on the treadmill, playing with his daughter and walking toward the outside door causing him to crash through the glass door outside onto his deck. On this occasion Periodic Paralysis wore off before he passed out and he lived to see another day.

But, he made a promise to his Father, to support veterans in every way he can. He has since officiated over wedding ceremonies and has presided over the funeral of one of his 1st veterans on the Honor Flight. He is asked often how he can do what he does with such a severe disability. Let’s set the record straight…he is not disabled….he is misabled. His abilities have to be labeled outside of the box. He has to do things differently than people who have complete control over their motor skills.

Even with the physical limitations Butler has found a way to help raise millions of calling-card minutes for our deployed troops, helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for The Emerald Coast Honor Flight; flying over 900 WW II Veterans to Washington, DC to see their memorial, at zero cost to them. Now, he has taken on his largest endeavor yet….to feed every homeless US Veteran in America.

Before his genetic disorder was diagnosed, he made regular appearances on Cat Country FM, News Radio 1620 AM, Radio 1370 AM and National Public Radio, along with many other publications.

Jodie Butler is back and ready to take on the world, one meal at a time with his Meals of Honor organization.

Meals of Honor has recently partnered with Run for the Wall for their event rolling May 15 – 24, and traveling across the United States. We are also partnering up with many Veterans organizations and corporations all over the country. Meals of Honor wants to collect every old cell phone all year to help the mission of the RFTW and help the Veterans in need that have done so much for our freedom.

We are asking for local businesses, establishments, organizations, hotels, religious places of worship and other venues to help Meals of Honor spread the word and COLLECT old cell phones. Meals of Honor will provide all of the marketing material needed. ALL of the funds generated by recycling your old cell phones are used to nourish our Hungry Heroes! We have zero overhead. All your organization has to do is say YES, and Meals of Honor does the rest!

Meals of Honor is also being nominated to receive entry into the Guinness Book of World Records for several categories, and every business can be take part. Each business that collects cell phones for the MOH cause, will be included in this great award!

All collection materials will be provided. Show support and help us honor every Veteran from all of the United States Armed Forces! Let us help brand your business the patriotic business it is! To get involved and setup the collection site for your business contact go to www.MealsofHonor.com or contact, Meals of Honor Founder, Jodie Butler at jodie@mealsofhonor.com or (850) 417-9113.

Put Pensacola in the forefront throughout the Nation by helping Meals of Honor take care of our Veterans.

For more information about Meals of Honor, go to www.mealsofhonor.com.