Buttercup on the Pensacola City Council agenda for Feb. 27

Buttercup’s owner Laura Kirkman wrote to me about the next Pensacola City Council meeting:

I just wanted to let you know that Buttercup, the pot-belly pig, is slated to be on the agenda for the city council meeting on Feb. 27th. My children, Molly and Warren, are getting ready to do the presentation before the council. I am trying to make this horrible experience a teachable moment for my children so the presentation will be a family affair.

I hope that we will see you at the city council meeting. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or Sheri Myers. She is the councilwoman who is submitting the change to the domesticated animal ordinance so that pot-belly pigs are classified specifically as domesticated animals within the city limits. Dr. Andy Hillman, Buttercup’s vet and local pot-belly pig expert, will be providing supporting testimony as to the issue of whether pot-belly pigs are “hogs” as defined by the current livestock ordinance or domesticated animals, just like cats or dogs.

If all goes well, the current agenda will be ratified and we will give it our best shot to save our beloved pet, Buttercup, on the 27th.

Thanks for your time and attention to my email.