Buzz: Century factory

Got this email:

Someone close to Patel told me that what was really going to be produced are “EV Ports” that are going to be installed at their hotels for people to charge electric as well as hybrid cars. These Electric Vehicle ports are going to have LCD screens in which they plan to sell advertising to companies on. The only reason they are promoting this car is to get the tax breaks and to get around the salary stipulation for creating new jobs. Have they brought a car here to Pensacola or Century for the press and local and state leaders to look at and drive? Think about it, the big 3 automakers have been trying to bust the 40 mile range for electric cars for years and here you have these people claiming a 70 mile range….

Any tax concessions or other free stuff should be conditioned on the success of the car and not the EV PORTS. Do a search on EV ports and you will find thousands . China and Europe already have them.