Buzz: Charter, consolidation, promise

The proposed charter for Pensacola may be a tough sale in the black community. All three council members are against it. They see African-Americans holding the city manager, community development and city clerk positions. They don’t readily see a reason to change government.

There is also a buzz that members of the Consolidation commission may ask the legislative delegation for a little more time to present their final recommendations. Currently that are to present their plans by Jan. 15, 2010.

More and more citizens are asking whatever happened to Pensacola Promise, the proposal by Council member Maren DeWeese to offer college tuition to all the city’s high school graduates. To date, the Pensacola City Council has not discussed it any of its regular meetings. DeWeese continues to work with PJC and UWF on the idea, but for some reason, the proposal can’t get on the agenda for discussion. Talk about changing the city’s Quality of Life scores for families with children. Pensacola Promise could have a huge impact.