Buzz: City retirees form PAC against Charter

We are hearing that John Fleming -former City Attorney, Robert Payne-former asst. City Manager, and Don Caton-another former City Attorney- are forming a political action committee to fight the proposed city charter. Caton gets annual retirement checks of $73,824 from the city pension fund; Fleming $65,335; and Payne $48,492.

Payne hit the jackpot when he was terminated by City Manager Al Coby in March 2009. He was paid his normal rate of pay for his accrued leave time through Sept. 30 (Payne made $123,531 a year, plus $49,927 in benefits). He still had 26 days of accrued leave and was paid an additional $6,656 after Sept. 30, plus six-month termination pay of $66,089.

Heck, it’s not hard to figure out why this trio doesn’t want to change the city government. They have done very well for themselves under the current system.