Buzz: Heaton/MPDP offers pass-through deal?

George Hawthorne, who drafted the EBO agreement for the MPDP/CMPA, will report to the Community Maritime Park Associates board today that he and Greg Green, the subcontractor in PNJ article today and of whom I wrote last week on this blog, met with Scott Davison, Tony McCray (EBO director), Mark White (former Land Capital VP, former partner in MPDP and now paid $275K annual salary to work for Magi Construction) and the representative from Heaton Brothers.

According to Hawthorne, the meeting occurred on Tuesday at 10am at Baskerville Donovan, when they tried to offer Greg Green a contract for half of the original contract and required him to buy dirt from Heaton. Hawthorne told me, “I asked why he had to use Heaton’s dirt instead of his own? I was then told that this was what Williams contract stated and that the Williams contract also required him to use Heaton Trucks. Also, I was told (by Tony) that Williams does not even have a written contract.”

Folks, this sounds like a pass-through. How could the EBO director agree to this? It clearly violates the EBO agreement.