Buzz: Lawmakers worse than Spring Break

The word I get from Tallahassee is that our lawmakers are like college kids on Spring Break, They have no restraints. Lobby money is flowing like ATM cash from daddy’s bank account. The GOP are completely unstoppable on any legislation—the more conservative, the more wacky the better. And there are no consequences—unless ruining the state counts.

And nothing is as it seems. For example, state legislature and Gov. Scott want government workers–including our city and county workers–to pay part of their pensions. The money saved should reduce what local governments pay the Florida Retirement System and help locals balance their budgets, right? Wrong, the state will keep the savings for balancing its budget.

Gov. Rick Scott wants to raid the state transportation trust fund and sweep it into the general fund. There are estimates that money could create 20,000 jobs if it was put to work on state roads.

Scott and the lawmakers talk about creating jobs, but are putting together a budget that is costing them.