Buzz: State GOP leaders and their lavish spending

Conservative political analyst Roger Stone blasts State Republican Party chairman Jim Greer for his lavish spending. Former Florida House Speaker Ray Sansom was roasted in the news for his credit card – GOP AMEX card- spending on a lavish European vacation for himself and his family, expensive restaurants and even the New York City Apple store.

Stone writes Greer was worse:

RPOF Chairman Jim Greer has been privy to the itemized American Express bills and was clearly aware of the Speaker’s spending spree – yet he said and did nothing. Why? Because Greer’s spending on himself and his family makes Samson’s expenditures look small-time. Greer has used the RPOF as his personal piggybank, spending donor’s money on 5-star resorts, spa services, highly rated restaurants, green fees, luxury jet aircraft, limousines , sporting equipment, $800 bottles of wine, sports tickets and worse.

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