Buzz: Thomas investigation to blame SRO

Buzz: Superintendent Malcolm Thomas is set to release March 24 the findings of his investigation on how he, his school district administration and Tate High School handled the alleged March 1 sexual assault at Tate High School. According to our sources, Thomas has already told the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office that his findings aren’t going to look good for the School Resource Officer.

What Thomas needs to answer:
1. Why did Tate High School conduct its own investigation of the alleged crime? A felony should be investigated by law enforcement.
2. District administrator Carolyn Spooner was notified the very day of the sexual offense. Who else did she tell about the assault? When did Thomas learn of the assault?
3. The victim was expelled on Wednesday, March 2. Why didn’t the school wait until the ECSO completed its investigation to expel her? —that is if the SRO and ECSO were ever properly notified.
4. Why was the victim’ s suspension not rescinded when the suspect was arrested?
5. Why does the School District only report 18% of its sexual offenses to law enforcement, while the state average is 84 percent?

The IN has also heard that a Tate High School teacher has been recommended for termination based on the threatening email from dixielover.

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