Bydlak takes lead in House District 1 GOP primary

Rebekah Bydlak has taken the lead in the House District 1 Republican primary, according to the latest poll by Inweekly/Political Matrix. In June, Bydlak trailed former State Rep. Mike Hill by 4.6 percentage points.

In a recent poll of 505 likely GOP voters, Bydlak garnered 39.8 percent of the vote, followed by Hill with 33.7 percent and Lisa Doss with 6.7 percent. The survey found 20.2 percent either didn’t know the candidates or were still undecided.

Aug. 5 June 14  Difference
Rebekah Bydlak 39.8% 22.4% 17.4%
Mike Hill 33.7% 27.0% 6.7%
Lisa Doss 6.3% 6.3%
Don’t know candidates 12.9% 34.4%
Undecided 7.3% 16.2%



The persons sampled were likely Republican voters of State House District 1 per the primary and general election cycles. They were called using an Interactive Voice Response  system during the hours of 2-8 p.m.  August 3-5. The phone numbers called were provided by Escambia Supervisor of Elections Office. The Margin of Error for this study is +/- 4.5 percent with a confidence level of 95 percent.