Carpenters Creek and Bayou Texar Charrette, Feb. 21

City Councilwoman Sherri Myers will hold a Carpenters Creek and Bayou Texar Charrette 6:30 p.m. on Feb. 21, at Asbury Place, behind Cokesbury United Methodist Church, 5725 N. 9th Avenue.

The focus of the charrette is to develop a vision and strategic revitalization plan to save Carpenters Creek and Bayou Texar that can be taken to the City, County and Mayor Ashton Hayward for funding and implementation.

Carpenters Creek is the only urban creek in the City of Pensacola. The headwaters of the creek begin at Olive Road in the County and meander through the City to Bayou Texar.

The EPA lists Carpenters Creek as an impaired body of water. It has become an open sewer, littered with tires, shopping carts, plastic bags, garbage, chemicals, trash, soil, silt and invasive species. Its banks are eroding and the property along the creek is in danger.
Input is needed from those who live and those who have businesses along the banks, as well as all of us who would love to experience a revival of the waters, trees, wildlife habitat and beauty.

For more information, please contact, Sherri Myers,