CBC NEWS – Power & Politics with Evan Solomon

I am on Canadian Broadcast Corp.’s version of the PBS NewsHour – Power & Politics with Evan Solomon. The segment was taped on Pensacola Beach this afternoon. It’s under Featured Videos on http://www.cbc.ca/politics/. [at 1:29:00 mark]

Here’s an outline of the questions I was asked:
-mood in Florida with how BP has been handling this crisis?
-the stealth media campaign, how BP is dealing with local media
-your reaction to the ad campaign
-a sense of how badly public trust in BP where you are has deteriorated (or been shattered) over the last few weeks.

And here is the response from the show’s producer of my interview:
“…you were awesome, thank you so much for coming on the show. A program like ours can get very caught up with what “power brokers” are doing, so it’s pretty great to have some perspective like yours. I hope we can have you back.”

People don’t understand that I only know one way to attack an issue —head on.