Chamber Board Chairman gives update on gift card audit

From Sandy Sansing, chairmen of the Greater Pensacola Chamber, to the board and Vision 2015 partners:

Dear Colleagues,
I know there is a lot of conversation in the community about the ongoing audit concerning the BP gift cards. I want you to know that your Greater Pensacola Chamber executive committee is continuing to take the necessary steps to ensure we have the right information so we can make informed decisions.

To that purpose, I think it is important that you know specifically what steps we are taking:

1) A comprehensive audit is under way by Saltmarsh, Cleaveland & Gund, CPAs, to fully examine records to determine the number of gift cards received by the chamber, when and to whom they were dispersed and their current status.
2) We are in the process of hiring an independent financial consultant to review the chamber’s financial processes, record-keeping procedures, reporting guidelines and internal financial controls.
3) We will review chamber personnel policies to ensure full accountability and regular communication with the executive committee.
4) We are meeting personally with chamber staff to outline these steps and to solicit their ideas on any further improvements we should undertake.
5) We are cooperating on a regular basis with Escambia County officials to make sure their questions are answered fully and openly.

Until the audit is complete, your executive committee asks for your patience. Our desire is to provide you with accurate, timely information as it becomes available. But until the audit is complete, we won’t have answers to many of your questions.

Your executive committee values the mission and the credibility of the Chamber as well as your commitment to its success. Our pledge to you is that we will work as quickly as possible to perform our due diligence and to take appropriate action on behalf of our members and in the best interest of our community.

Thank you for your support.
Sandy Sansing
Chairman, Greater Pensacola Chamber