Christian review of Jesus Camp

JCamp Phil Boatwright of has reviewed the documentary Jesus Camp. Boatwright is the editor and film reviewer for The Movie Reporter, a monthly film guide from a Christian perspective.

Boatwright sums up the film:

“Though it presents the sincere belief of charismatic Christians, Jesus Camp does so in a smirky, at times mocking manner. It seems bent on warning unbelievers that Evangelicals have a powerful voice in the political world, one that threatens proponents of homosexuality, abortion and other liberal agendas.”

He is especially critical of Pensacola Atty Mike Papantonio who appears in the movie as the co-host of Ring Of Fire Radio:

“Jesus Camp features Mike Papantonio, an Air America radio host, offering unabashed disdain for Christianity and especially for religious folk who voice their political convictions. Mr. Papantonio comes across so shrill that his “concerns” seem not just anti-Christian, but anti-Christ. What’s more, I kept wondering just how far this guy would go to prevent Christians from expressing social opinions.”

Read the review:  JESUS CAMP: Film Review from a Christian Perspective


RO Note: I’ve seen the early drafts of this movie. It’s depiction of the mixture of Evangelical Christianity and Right-wing Conservative politics was disturbing to this Catholic boy. Papantonio came across to me as the voice of reason in the documentary. He challenged such indoctrination of five and six year old children – it wasn’t an anti-Christian or anti-Christ message at all.

I expect Jesus Camp to be the most watched movie at the Pensacola Film Festival in November.