City completes Cross Street drainage project

The City of Pensacola has installed drainage improvements at the intersection of Cross Street and 6th Avenue to mitigate historical flooding issues, saving nearly $500,000 in taxpayer dollars by using in-house expertise from Public Works and Engineering staff. During rain events, this portion of Cross Street had previously been impassable, flooding 9-12 inches deep with standing water remaining for several days.

City Public Works and Engineering staff surveyed the intersection to determine the best option for improving drainage and reducing driving hazards. The project was originally expected to require installation of storm pipes and structures to mitigate flooding, with an estimated cost of approximately $636,400. However, city staff creatively solved the issue in-house by installing concrete valley gutters for a total cost of approximately $143,700.

“Projects like this continue to demonstrate what an incredible team we have here at the City of Pensacola,” Mayor Grover Robinson said. “Rather than delaying this project due to the significant amount of funding needed, staff worked to find an alternative solution that not only saved money for the city and taxpayers, but also provided a quicker solution for drivers and residents in the area. There are so many stories like this that we don’t get the opportunity to share, but I am always proud of the hard work and dedication that City of Pensacola employees display every day while serving our citizens.”

The city has installed three of the five proposed gutters on Cross Street. While more gutters are slated to be installed, the recently installed gutters have already proven to be effective at reducing flooding in the area during and after rain events. Concrete valley gutters remedy flooding by routing standing water to any area with positive drainage.

For questions about this project, please contact City of Pensacola Public Works and Facilities at 850-435-1645.