City District 2 Town Hall, Aug. 22

From Pensacola City Councilwoman Sherri Myers:

Town Hall Meeting
Tuesday, Aug. 22, 6:30 p.m., at Asbury Place behind Cokesbury United Methodist Church, 5725 N. 9th Ave., across the street from Pensacola State College.

I am hosting a special town hall meeting with watershed expert Barbara Albrecht. Barbara Albrecht gives a powerful and compelling presentation entitled “Watershed Wellness: Time for a Check-up for Carpenter’s Creek.

The town hall meeting and presentation is focused at helping property owners, businesses, local government officials, environmentalists and citizens understand how to protect and restore our local watershed and fragile riparian areas along Carpenter’s Creek, Bayou Texar and other bodies of water.

Ms. Albrecht conceived of the Carpenter’s Creek- Bayou Texar Revitalization RESTORE project and worked with other groups to submit the project to the Board of County Commissioners who selected the project for RESTORE funding.

Ms. Albrecht is an authority on watershed protection and restoration. For many years Ms. Albrecht has been studying the health of our local water bodies, including Carpenter’s Creek. She is the President of the Bream Fishermen’s Association. Ms. Albrecht is the Watershed Coordinator at the University of West Florida Center for Environmental Diagnostics & Bioremediation and is active with the Panhandle Watershed Alliance.

Updates on the RESTORE funding for Carpenter’s Creek and Bayou Texar will be provided. Further dates for Carpenter’s Creek clean up events with the Emerald Coastkeeper, Inc. will be announced by Laurie Murphy, the Executive Director.

Refreshments will be available. For accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act, please contact Sherri Myers, 850-484-0902. For sign language interpreter please contact 72 hours in advance of meeting.