City of Pensacola misses Tanyard deadline

When Escambia County Commissioner Lumon May and County Administrator Jack Brown toured the Tanyard neighborhood and the City of Pensacola’s Government Street Stormwater Project on Wednesday, Dec. 14, they and the residents were told the filtration equipment would compete its work by 5 p.m. that day and would be removed from the site by the end of the week.

They were told the heavy excavator equipment would also be removed by the end of the week and orange construction fencing would be placed around the site to keep children from playing the pond.

As this morning, none of those commitments had been met.

These are the photos we took yesterday:


1 thought on “City of Pensacola misses Tanyard deadline

  1. Straight from the NFWF website: kinda of embarrassing – the project that is now to be complete was only 20 percent completed in August.
    Still no fencing… still have tanks on the streets, and mud everywhere!

    Additional project funding
    was identified by the City of
    Pensacola, bids were
    received, and a contract was
    awarded for construction to
    complete the project.
    Construction is approximately
    20% complete. (August 2016)
    The Gulf Environmental Benefit
    Fund, administered by the
    National Fish and Wildlife
    Foundation (NFWF), supports
    projects to remedy harm and
    eliminate or reduce the risk of
    harm to Gulf Coast natural
    resources affected by the 2010
    Deepwater Horizon oil spill.
    To learn more about NFWF,
    go to

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