City Reminds Residents of Micromobility Rules and Reporting Options

The City of Pensacola would like to remind e-scooter users to “scoot smart” and follow the new rules of the Shared Micromobility Pilot Program in Pensacola.

Electric Scooter Rules and Guidelines

1. Riders are prohibited from riding electric scooters on sidewalks, but may access a sidewalk to park the scooter. Riders should operate scooters within the roadway and use a bike lane when available.

2. Riders should park courteously, which means e-scooters should be parked upright at all times and not should not block the pedestrian path. When parking an e-scooter, make sure to leave enough space for a wheelchair to access the sidewalk.

3. Riders are not allowed to ride on the streets identified on the franchise area map as No Ride Zones.

4. Riders are not allowed to park and end a ride on sidewalks on the streets identified on the franchise area map as No Park Zones.

5. Electric scooters are not operational or available for use between the hours of midnight and 5 a.m., Friday morning through Sunday morning.

Reporting Scooter Issues and Rule Violations

E-scooters have been labeled with identification numbers to identify each device. When witnessing and reporting an e-scooter issue, please note the five-digit identification number located below the handlebars on the neck of a VEO scooter, or the four-digit identification number located on the foot deck of a Bird scooter.



E-scooter issues can also be reported through City of Pensacola 311. 

Violations of the micromobility ordinance, such as improper parking or operating an electric scooter on a sidewalk may result in a written citation with a $150 penalty.For more information on the program and to view the franchise area map, visit the City of Pensacola Shared Micromobility website or contact the Engineering and Construction Services Department at 850-435-1645.


1 thought on “City Reminds Residents of Micromobility Rules and Reporting Options

  1. It has only been a few weeks and already the “Friendly reminders”.
    This is a BAD idea that the city has attached itself to. Easthill is starting to look like a junk yard. There may not be 10 people much less 300 people in Easthill wanting to ride those things. One Park had 14 of them in it. Every park is littered. Sitting there for weeks. Then there are the ones just sitting on in front of homes. I imagine downtown too. The few folks that got their kicks should be done with them soon, as soon as their credit card bill comes due, I would think.

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