City staff resists mixed-use at Port

City staff continues to resist adding anything other than industrial to the Port of Pensacola. The problem may be the staff fears that anything other than industrial could lead to the closure of the facility. So those of you who were hoping for retail, offices, hotels or even residential, sorry, the City sees light industrial as the newest “mixed use.”

From Mark O’Brien’s column:

…Light manufacturing operation may be the best new tenant for the Port of Pensacola.

That’s what Port Director Clyde Mathis says, outlining the strategy for filling some vacant space later this year. Mathis said preliminary plans call for the port to seek a light manufacturing industry — perhaps a maritime-oriented business — that will mean more jobs for Pensacola and more money for the port.

Requirements will include an attractive facade and strict control over outside storage to make sure the new tenant meshes with the nearby historic district. Neighbors don’t like the industrial atmosphere, and the financially troubled port is seeking uses more amenable to residents and businesses.

He’s interested in companies that pay $40,000, considerably above the average pay.
He floated the idea before eight council members, who expressed no major concerns.