CMP environmental permits by 12/31/08

From Ed Spears,Neighborhood & Economic Development Administrato, City of Pensacola :

At today’s Board of Trustees meeting, Mr. Larry O’Donnell of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection came in person, to provide the Board an update on the status of the Maritime Park Permit (Dredge and Fill Permit).

Mr. O’Donnell advised that no later than this coming Monday, November 17, the FDEP will issue a “Notice of Intent to Issue Permit” that will open a public input period, traditionally 21 days. If no environmental challenges are received during the input period, the FDEP will then move to issue the permit.

Mr. O’Donnell advised that we could expect the permit by the end of the year. Traditionally, US Army Corps of Engineers permit follows 2-4 weeks after FDEP issues permits. The update was well received by the Board.