CMPA Board appointments treated with indifference by mayor and most of council

The nearly half of the Community Maritime Park Associates board was nominated by one current council member and another who retired last year. Seven council members nominated no one on the CMPA board.

Until March 2010, the CMPA selected its board members. Then the Pensacola City Council took over the selection process–putting two of its members on the board and expanding the board to 12 members.

There are four original board members on the CMPA: Collier Merrill, Dr. Jimmy Jones, Juanita Scott, John Merting

Larry Johnson represents the city council. Sherri Myers gave up her seat and council didn’t insist it be replaced with another council member.

Here are the other board members and who nominated them:

Ronald Townsend (no longer on council): Dr. Samuel Bolden, Ann Hill

Sherri Myers: Alexis Bolin, Fred Gunther, Mark Taylor

Megan Pratt: Jim Reeves
Maren Deweese (no longer on council): Buddy McCormick

One vacancy


Veteran council members P.C. Wu, Larry Johnson and Brian Spencer have no selections on the board. Newcomers Charles Bare Gerald Wingate, Jewel Cannada-Wynn and Andy Terhaar have none also.

There is no indication that the mayor weighed on any of the nominations or selection process. Bolden, Hill, Bolin, Gunther, Taylor and McCormick were selected after Hayward took office.