CMPA meeting highlights (video)

Two interesting exchanges from the CMPA board meeting last week. The first is board member Grace McCaffery questioning whether Board member Katie White should abstain from voting on the recommendation from Ed Fleming to fire Maritime Park Development Partners as the project coordinator. Watch for Fleming telling Davison to quit sniping at him from behind his back. If McCaffery had a problem with White and Fleming, then she never should have voted to hire Fleming.

The second is the exchange between Board member Bentina Terry and MPDP attorney Eric Meade. The board presses Meade to explain what third party and developer costs, he believed, needed to be paid upon termination. Meade admits he doesn’t know what the third party costs are. Meade said, “We know our costs, which are about $944,000.” But he can’t break that down for the board. Terry starts grilling Meade at the 5:45 mark.