Conservative blogs attack Three Little Pigs

Apparently exposing BP and its Three Little Pigs decision matrix makes me liberal. The Conservative blogs are taking up for the British multi-billion dollar, mega corporation. Both Political Lobotomy and Liberal Whoppers have posted about me: “The Daily Beast’s Rick Outzen is like a dog with a bone. Rick (along with a legion of other self-imagined experts on the ‘net) is getting a lot of mileage out of the notion that an acoustic switch (see diagram below the fold) might have averted disaster on the Deepwater Horizon.”

This is so funny.

From the Progressive side: my interview with Nicole Sandler went well and she wrote about it on her blog.

On The Daily Beast, the article “BP’s Shocking Memo” is the second most popular article of the day—sandwiched between
Fergie’s Latest Flameout” and “Who killed Brittany’s Husband?.” Remember my article didn’t get published in until after lunch.