Corcoran preaches truth, goodness and beauty to GOP lawmakers

Land O’ Lakes Republican Richard Corcoran will formally become House speaker during an organization session Tuesday. During his remarks today to the House Republican Conference, he talked about truth, goodness and beauty:

I believe in a Truth that is knowable and objective. A Truth rooted in our shared history and humanity, which has taught us that the exercise of unrestricted power over another by individuals, by institutions or by government always leads to harm. Power erodes morality, conscience and character.

That’s why we started with ethics reform. We have to reduce the temptations —- so that we can remember that the power we hold, we don’t hold for ourselves or our own interests, but we hold it in trust for the people we represent.

I believe in Goodness. Goodness comes from lifting the burdens and barriers on others. Ordinary people who are free are capable of extraordinary things. From politics to the arts to the sciences, the greatest moments in history have come from people struggling to be free, people exercising their freedom, or people fighting to remain free.

And, I believe in Beauty. We don’t have to settle for mediocrity. We don’t have to settle for the world we have. We can make things better; we can lift ourselves higher; if we have the courage to believe in something bigger, we can create a more Beautiful World.


source: The News Service of Florida