Council takes step today on diversity

The Pensacola City Council will review today a proposed ordinance to create and implement a minority and woman-owned business program for city procurement.

The ordinance is the result of nearly four-year process. In 2011, Mayor Ashton Hayward recommended and the council approved the hiring of MGT of America to do a comprehensive diversity study for the city.

The report, which was completed and delivered to the city in September 2012, found evidence of disparities. MGT recommended the creation of MBE/WBE program for city procurement.

A little over two years later, the ordinance is ready for public hearings and council approval. If approved on Thursday, the ordinance will require a second hearing – which will be at the next council meeting set for February – before it will become law.

Purchasing Director George Maiberger told Inweekly on Friday that the ordinance is an “enabling ordinance” that establishes the program. The actual rules, policies and procedures will be brought back to the council in March for approval.

Meanwhile Maiberger is looking to hire a coordinator to run the program for the city.

Here is the proposed ordinance: MWBE