Council to Discuss Environmental Advisory Board

During the last Pensacola City Council meeting, Jan. 26, a citizen expressed concern about the city’s environmental advisory board not having met since March 2011.

Councilwoman Sheri Myers said that she brought the issue up previously, but it had failed to appear on an agenda.

“I was told by the President—Councilman Hall—there was no reason to make a motion, that he would put it on the agenda,” Myers said.

Myers later said she had brought the issue up numerous times, but that Hall “acting in his role as president, said it’s not necessary you make a motion, ‘I will put it on the agenda.’”

The councilwoman then made a motion for the item to be placed on the council’s next agenda for discussion. Councilman John Jerralds seconded, and the board unanimously passed the motion.

Myers then asked City Administrator Bill Reynolds if he could tell the board who might be staffing the environmental advisory board. Council Vice President Ronald Townsend—acting as president in Hall’s absence—told Myers she had already placed the matter on a future agenda for discussion.

“So, you want me to shut up?” Myers laughed. “I can do that—you could have just said that.”

“I was trying to be nice,” Townsend told her.