Councilman Terhaar wants CMPA lease process fixed

The Maritime Y process exposed a large flaw how our great city leases property at the Community Maritime Park. I have come up with a simple process that I believe will make it easy for investors to work with the city.

I believe that the City Council should instruct the CMPA, as our agent, to draft a standard lease agreement including, but not limited to, term, rent, renewal option(s), parking requirement, building size, and total investment for each of the parcels located at the Community Maritime Park. Once these drafts are complete, the CMPA will send a copy to the Mayor’s office and a copy to the City Council for review and comment/approval.

After approval of the standard lease agreement by the Mayor and the City Council all interested parties will be instructed to negotiate with the Mayor. These standard lease agreements will be the starting point for all interested parties to begin negotiations. The CMPA will not be involved in the negotiation of leases. The Mayor will have the responsibility to negotiate in good faith. If the Mayor and the interested party can come to terms, the complete /final lease agreement will then be sent to the City Council for final approval.

I have attached a blank standard lease for Parcel 8 for reference. The attached lease should be used only as a starting point for the CMAP to draft the standard lease agreements. It would be up to the CMPA to fill in the blanks, with the items discussed above, so that any interested party could have a reasonable idea of what the CMPA expects prior to beginning negotiations with the Mayor.

I will be bringing this up at the COW Meeting on Monday and would love some feed back on how the process could be improved. Please forward this to who you wish. I will putting it on my blog later today.

Thank You,

Andy Terhaar
City Councilman District 3

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