County administrator has 20-weeks severance, too

Inweekly obtained a copy of Escambia County Administrator Janice Gilley’s contract. She can be terminated for no cause by three commissioners. She is entitled to 20-weeks severance.

Escambia County School Board members Patty Hightower, Bill Slayton and Paul Fetsko are set to approve on Thursday a requirement of four votes to terminate an appointed superintendent and pay the remaining years of a contract.

Board member Kevin Adams opposed the super majority vote. Dr. Laura Edler was silent.

Contact your school board member before Thursday:

District 1
Kevin Adams
Office 850-469-6137
Cell     850-449-8692
District 2
Paul H. Fetsko
Office 850-469-6153
Cell     850-292-0528
District 3
Dr. Laura Edler
Office 850-469-6154
Cell     850-712-0065
District 4
Patty Hightower, Chairman
Office 850-469-6265
Home 850-477-3044
District 5
Bill Slayton, Vice Chairman
Office 850-469-6258
Home 850-968-9118