County issues Statement on Inmate Communications

The County Attorney’s Office is working directly with Corrections officials and attorneys who believe they may have encountered unreasonable obstacles trying to visit or communicate with an inmate. Any attorney who has concerns regarding their ability to communicate with inmates in the Escambia County Corrections Department should contact the County Attorney’s Office at (850) 595-4970.

A memorandum issued to Road Camp personnel concerning attorney visits with inmates was a result of increased requests from attorneys for client visitation. The Road Camp Prison and Work Release facility were not set up to facilitate attorney/client visits at the level that they were being requested.

The visitation policies are different at the three remaining Escambia County Corrections facilities, Main Jail, Road Camp Prison and Work Release facility. They are three separate facilities with three separate policies. However, given the change in circumstance at these facilities, Escambia County is working rapidly to provide video visitation and expanded telephone services at the County’s Work Release and Road Camp facilities. The goal is to have the expanded communications in place by end of the business day Wednesday.
The Commander of each facility is responsible for security and visitation at their facility. Policy for each facility is based on staffing, building size/space availability and need.