County launches EMS dashboard

Escambia County Emergency Medical Services has officially launched the “EMS Dashboard” in an effort to provide the citizens of Escambia County a broader and clearer view of the services provided by ECEMS and Emergency Communications.

The EMS Dashboard is a collaborative effort that includes daily information provided by Escambia County Emergency Medical Services and Emergency Communications. The EMS Dashboard will include:

  • EMS calls dispatched by Emergency Communications (updated daily)
  • Transports to local hospitals by EMS (updated daily)
  • On-scene cardiac/respiratory arrests (updated weekly)
  • On-scene overdoses (updated weekly)
  • ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI/Heart Attack) events (updated weekly)
  • Motor-vehicle crashes (updated weekly)

“This dashboard is an opportunity to further educate the citizens about the services provided by EMS and Emergency Communications,” said Escambia County Public Safety Director Eric Gilmore. “Every day, the men and women within our Public Safety department dedicate their lives to the safety and wellbeing of Escambia County citizens, and we believe this dashboard reflects that effort while also educating the general public to the extent of our services.”

Escambia County EMS Chief David Torsell III, who began his career with Escambia County on June 1, 2021, introduced the idea of creating the EMS Dashboard in an effort to convey the services performed by EMS, highlight the volume of calls EMS responds to, and provide access for citizens to view the daily, weekly and yearly 911 call totals.

“I’m encouraged that an idea came to fruition through a collaborative effort between EMS and other county departments,” said Torsell. “The information on the EMS dashboard should help inform our community on how busy we are and what EMS is doing in our community.”

The EMS Dashboard can be located on the Escambia County EMS Dashboard website and on the Escambia County EMS main webpage.


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  1. That is some interesting info. Could you include the number of ambulances that are providing service for the day?

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