County restricts attorney access to client hurt in the jail blast

Jail Bars
Attorneys have reported to the Independent News that Escambia County has placed restrictions on them meeting with clients that were hurt in the April 29 explosion at the county-run Central Booking and Detention Center. They say that families have asked them to check on their loved ones, but county officials had denying them the visitations.

Attorney Chris Crawford said that he was told yesterday by Corey Fleetion at the County Work Release facility on Fairfield Drive, that they are not allowing attorneys to see the inmates unless it is in reference to a criminal case. The order apparently came down from former ECSO Larry Aiken, who is now consulting on a voluntary basis with the county. Crawford was told to call the Emergency Operations Center to coordinate his visit. He said he called the number, which is the general information line, and the people had no idea about jail visitation.

Crawford said that he finally did talk with Aiken and was told, “Unless you are the attorney of record or court appointed on the criminal record, the jail will not allow an improptu visit. If they put you on the visitation list, you can go see them.”