COVID-19 ‘uptick’ continues

Florida is approaching 100K COVID-19 cases. Escambia County had 28 new cases reported on Sunday – 23 of the new cases were Florida residents and only one was associated with a local nursing home. The median age for 6/20 was 26.

Duval County – site  of the 2020 GOP convention – had 259 new cases, the highest daily increase in the past two week. Two weeks ago, Duval only had 14 new cases.

Escambia County had a steep increase in ER visits with flu-like and COVID-like illnesses – see graph below.

How long will this uptick last? Monday reports have been typically low. What happens on Tuesday-Saturday will show whether the upward trend will continue.

The other question that county officials should be asking is: why has the median age dropped? Two weeks ago, the median age ranged from 51-61.  Are the 185 new cases last week all construction workers riding in van pools to Panama City? Not hardly.



6/20/20 6/21/20 Increase
Total Cases 93797 97291 3494
Florida Residents 91670 95139 3469
Non-Fla. 2127 2152 25
Deaths 3144 3161 17
Escambia 1170 1198 28
Okaloosa 398 400 2
Santa Rosa 342 344 2



1 thought on “COVID-19 ‘uptick’ continues

  1. “why has the median age dropped” ? the youngsters flock to the beach, bars and other social gatherings, and of course returned to work either as servers or customers in local establishments helping to spread the virus. Us older folks stay home, did not go out to bars or eating joints where one would be exposed to the workers and youngsters who will be the carriers of the virus… stay home, stay safe and wear a mask if you must go out..

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