COVID testing down nationwide, Florida and Escambia

The COVID Tracking Project reports the weekly average of daily tests is now 13% lower now than it was at the end of July.

Nationally, about 708,000 daily tests were conducted on average over the past week, compared with nearly 818,000 at the end of July. Florida has have seen even more dramatic declines – 27%.

In July, Escambia County averaged 1,401 per day, and it maintained close to that average last week – 1,393 per day.

However, since Sunday, Aug. 9, the county has only averaged 935 tests daily – a 33% drop.

In July, the Escambia County administration conducted 208 COVID tests of its jail inmates –  weekly average of 47.6. The county tested a batch of about 180 as of July 15 and then clamped down on testing.

For August, Escambia County has conducted 15 tests – weekly average of 8.75.



1 thought on “COVID testing down nationwide, Florida and Escambia

  1. What a convenient way to bring the numbers down.

    Please tell me that DeathSantis’s seal team will come deal out swift just for any of those making these decisions that leads to any single death or hospitalization.

    Our leaders seem to have only Grover and Lumon as hero’s and I want to see the list of names of our fellow Escambia and Florida citizens etched onto the walls and windows of the county buildings so all can look out through the names of souls lost by a blind administration happy with the suffering that could have been minimized and avoided.

    less than 5% of the world population and 25% of the death?

    I am sick and tired of all this winning.

    Janice and the HR hit squad need to go … a good long while ago.

    53 minutes is too long to lay on a bridge in the sun out of the golden hour because of bad decisions and keeping everyone apprised of the situation instead of having everyone walking on eggshells because of crazy people is the height of negligence.

    Stop letting us need parades.

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