CRA 2010 plan has merit

Becky Bray, Pensacola CRA administrator, her boss, Thaddeus Cohen and their consultant, Looney, Ricks & Kiss, should be commended for the 2010 plan for the CRA. The plan will be presented to the Pensacola City Council on Thursday, Jan. 14.

This is the first comprehensive update of the Urban Core Redevelopment Plan since1989. It incorporates much of what we have been talking about Pensacola: attracting and retaining young talented adults, building on our cultural, historical and natural assets and offering opportunities for all the diverse segments of our community to work, live and play. It dovetails nicely into the presentation made by Rebecca Ryan made at the Chamber’s annual meeting.

The Strategic Guiding Principles of the Community Redevelopment Plan are that Pensacola should strive to be:
• Prosperous – attracting jobs and investment
• Diverse – embracing social and economically inclusiveness
• Distinctive – celebrating and reinforcing historic, entertainment and cultural destinations
• Walkable – focusing on the pedestrian environment
• Green – promoting the natural landscape and resources

The plan is in two volumes and can be found on the City’s website. Over the next few days I will highlight parts of it.