Crime down in Pensacola

Violent crimes in the City of Pensacola were down during the 2018 calendar year, according to the FLDE.  The property crime rate was down 4.2 percent, and the clearance rate of crimes reported to the Pensacola Police Department was up 11.8 percent.

A new statistic being reported by the FDLE is the amount of police officers who were assaulted during the same calendar year. In 2018, 41 Pensacola police officers were assaulted while doing their jobs.

Police Chief Tommi Lyter said in a PPD press release that his focus has been to address problem areas and respond immediately. Officers then stay in the affected area(s) no matter how long it may take, and the underlying causes have been addressed.

“Those who choose to commit violent acts on the citizens of Pensacola will be met with a heavy response from the Pensacola Police Department” said Chief Lyter.