Crist and Meek lead Mason-Dixon poll

Among likely GOP voters, Rubio has a name recognition problem with nearly half for them not knowing who the former House Speaker is.
Recognize Favorably: Charlie Crist 49% Marco Rubio 24%
Unfavorably: Crist 22%, Rubio 5%
Neutral: Crist 29%, Rubio 23%
Don’t recognize name: Crist 0%, Rubio 48%

If the GOP Senate primary was held today, 51% would vote for Crist. However, among those that know both Crist and Rubio (52% of those polled), the vote was tighter: Crist 33%, Rubio 31% and Undecided 36%.

On the Democrat side, slightly more than half of the likely primary voters don’t know Kendrick Meek or his possible challenger Corrine Brown. Of those that do recognize either name, Meek si seen favorably by 22%, Brown 9%.

If the Democratic primary was held today, Meek 27%, Brown 12% and Undecided 61%. This race is still wide open.

Overall the likely voters were asked: if the 2010 election for Florida’s U.S. Senate seat were held today, for whom would you vote if the candidates were Kendrick Meek, the Democrat, and Charlie Crist, the Republican? Crist 48%, Meek 26%, Undecided 26%.

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