Daily misses point

The News Journal is fixated on the financials of Maritime Park Development Partners and its shareholders. Their financials and net worths aren’t the issue. It’s the performance bond–an insurance policy that guarantees the construction.

Under the PNJ logic, all vendors of the local governments should produce their personal financial reports of their officers- Bill Greenhut, Cody Rawson, E.W. Bullock, Kevin Doyle, etc. That’s ridiculous

Folks, the park is going to be built. Creating straw men to fight only distract and delay. The focus needs to be on the construction – budgets, what we’re actually getting and how soon we can get it built. The CMPA board made it clear yesterday that is its focus.

Scott Davison is running out of people to blame for the delays. First, it was CMPA chair Judge Lacey Collier, then City Manager Al Coby, then UWF and Pres. Judy Bense and now CMPA attorney Ed Fleming. Davison appears to be combative by nature. Instead of doing what the owner or its representatives want he continues to push for his way.

Yesterday is a perfect example: Fleming advised the CMPA board that the letter of intent from the bond issuer wasn’t sufficient. Davison argued back that it was -putting the general contractor agreement in limbo. It’s the owner, not the contractor that decides what is sufficient.

The CMPA board, Pensacola City Council and the community are getting very tired of these antics. The most simple actions – like getting a performance bond – drag on for weeks.

I agree with CMPA trustee Bentina Terry. It’s time for some hard deadlines for MPDP. If they can’t meet them, then we need another general contractor.