Day 3: Nodine murder trial

Cpl. Daniel Steelman of Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office testified yesterday at the murder trial of former Mobile County Commissioner Stephen Nodine for the May 9 death of his girlfriend Angel Downs.

Steelman said Nodine, who cried several times while being questioned by the deputy, that Downs was alive behind the glass door of her house when he last saw her. When Steelman asked him if he was friends with a woman in Gulf Shores, Nodine said that the woman that is deceased is Angel Downs—-the deputy hadn’t told Nodine that the woman was dead.

Steelman also told jurors he swabbed parts of the interior and exterior of Nodine’s truck for blood, but none was found. And blood was found on Nodine’s clothes. He said that the Kel-Tec 9 mm pistol that killed Downs had smudges but “nothing with rich detail.”

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