DEP advertises for fish hatchery bids

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has posted its invitation for bids for the Florida Gulf Coast Marine Fisheries Hatchery and Enhancement Center.

A mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held on 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 7, at FDEP NW District Office, 160 West Government St.

Bids are due by 2:30 p.m. (CT) on Dec. 17.


Base Bid:
Contractor shall provide all labor, materials, equipment, supervision and permitting to construct the Fish Hatchery and Enhancement Center building, utility connections (water, sewer, electrical), site work, sidewalks, landscaping, stormwater management facilities, decorative outdoor art and informational signage, saltwater intake, irrigation well and site irrigation system, milling and re-pavement of limited portion of Clubbs St., Maintenance of Traffic Plan and erosion control per the contract

Editor’s Note: There is no environmental remediation. Also the pedestrian bridge that hatchery proponents have touted is an alternative. An alternative bid item is defined in the project documents: “separate optional bid item for more or less project requirements or alternate construction techniques or materials, which the Department may or may not accept as additional to the Base Bid, depending on available funding.” See below:

Alternate # 1:
The Contractor shall provide pricing for all labor, materials, equipment, supervision and permitting to construct the pedestrian bridge as shown on Sheet C-930 and as specified in Specifications Section 323300.

The base bid includes eight allowances. Allowances are defined as “an amount included in the Contract Price to cover the cost of prescribed items not specified in detail, with the condition that variations between such amount and the final determined cost of the prescribed items will be reflected in Change Orders appropriately adjusting the Contract Price.”

Allowances to be included in Base Bid:

Allowance #1 description: Include an allowance for a City of Pensacola Building Permit for Main Building and Accessory Building

 ALLOWANCE NO. 2 EIGHT THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED Dollars and 00 Cents ($8,500.00)
Allowance #2 Description: Include an allowance for exterior signage as shown on Sheet A200.

Allowance # 3 Description: Include an allowance for brick as specified in Specifications Section 042000, Unit Masonry.

 ALLOWANCE NO. 4 NINE THOUSAND Dollars and 00/Cents ($9,000.00). Allowance # 4 Description: Include an allowance for exterior artwork.

 ALLOWANCE NO. 5 TWELVE THOUSAND Dollars and 00/cents ($12,000). Allowance No. 5 Description: Site debris to be removed by 20 CY truck measure.

 ALLOWANCE NO. 6 THIRTY-THREE THOUSAND Dollars and 00/cents ($33,000). Allowance No. 6 Description: Underground power to Gulf Power.

 ALLOWANCE NO. 7 FIVE THOUSAND Dollars and 00/cents ($5,000). Allowance No. 7 Description: ECUA service connection.

 ALLOWANCE NO. 8 EIGHT THOUSAND Dollars and 00/cents ($8,000). Allowance No. 8 Description: UWF Historic Signage.

Bid states “The Work to be performed under the Agreement shall commence within the time set in the Notice to Proceed and shall reach Substantial Completion within four-hundred twenty (420) days after the date set in the Notice to Proceed.”

Inweekly has reviewed the bid documents. The borrow fill material on the site will be used to raise the height of the hatchery to 15 feet. City Administrator Eric Olson told the PNJ the material was contaminated. The documents show otherwise.

The hatchery building is 27,000 sq. ft. and the project area is seven acres. It will have a perimeter fence.

The drawings do not show the Baywalk being extended past a circle south of the hatchery building -which is different from the site plan above. The three access points to the Baywalk are the pedestrian bridge, the hatchery building and the parking lot. We don’t know if the parking lot will be open to the public 24/7.

There is no access to the Bruce Beach or Pensacola Bay.


6 thoughts on “DEP advertises for fish hatchery bids

  1. The Bid documents would be the official drawings, not what the City has put out. The bid documents does show that all the ponds will be enclosed, does it not? I’m not sure what eh confusion would be, since what is being bid on is what they intend to build or they would not be bidding on it…lol

  2. EPenn
    There are several drawings out their the top drawing is what the City has put out. The drawing at the bottom of this post is from the DEP bid documents.

    Sorry for any confusion but the city has intentionally muddied the waters on this. We have released documents as we have uncovered them. The bid documents are the final, definitive source — No contamination/remediation, no kayak launch, no access to the beach, partial baywalk and pedestrian bridge may or may not be included. Rules for public access unknown.


  3. I believe the open ponds smell, but in this design they will all be enclosed… correct me if I’m wrong… Also they are not blocking the access to the water with the building or the proposed construction. There is a walkway and some holding ponds on the east side, but they do not block the water access… However, from what was posted in reply to Rick’s request about the old pool, it sounds like access there is dangerous with a steep drop off and more than likely polluted…

  4. It’s this simple. The fish hatchery was a bad idea in the first place for a number of reasons. And I attend every meeting and voiced NO on the hatchery long before I moved to my 1918 home in the Tanyard.
    The one thing th home owners want down here is public access to the water and most importantly what we DO NOT WANT is another stinking business like the ECUA lift station. We are still smelling methane gas from that business.
    Everyone please take a moment and Google “fish hatchery smell”. They stink..
    The city should go back to the original CRA plan. It is beautiful and most of all it will be full public access.

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