DEP cancels Fish Hatchery bid

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection issued this today:

“Due to issues outside of the DEP’s control that prevent 
implementation of the Project, this solicitation is hereby canceled.

Any bids which have been submitted will not be opened and will be returned
upon request by the bidder.”


14 thoughts on “DEP cancels Fish Hatchery bid

  1. Would love for you to elaborate on your accusations. Please tell us what facts you have to back up that claim against Quint Studer?

  2. From what I’ve read about the impact hatcheries have on our environment, any positive impact is minimal. Especially, if that area is experiencing a decline in fish populations to other environmental factors. It’s usually sold as a positive environmental contributor and an eventual economic boost for tourism and for the food industry. However, there are other environmental remediation projects that aren’t as well funded that should be done first to improve water quality before an increase in the fish population occurs. If all of the other remediation projects for inland water systems have been funded, this project wouldn’t be necessary.

  3. Dot, you’re right and I would bet dollars to donuts that Quint already has his hands in that pot, since he was the one that undermined the Hatchery project. However, they haven’t won yet.

  4. As I’ve read the plan, it actually calls for a mid/low-rise south of main street (w ground floor commercial) AND, across a new street extension of Cedar street, public access to the waterfront. Seems like a lot of people misinterpret the rendering and think the road adjacent to the public access is main street, but it’s not. The commercial property on main street contributes to the tax base to support the public amenities. It’s not an “either or”, it’s an “and”. The property is large enough to handle both. Maybe they should look at the superfund site at Bruce beach for the hatchery?

  5. Jean, not at all. Please see the orginal CRA plan that allows for full public access to the African-American historical site.
    Beach access right downtown!

  6. Great news! Go back to the CRA plan to save Bruce Beach and have direct FULL PUBLIC access to the water.

  7. Whoever Ashton promised this would happen us surely upset,
    Another failure to his list.
    New York
    Real Estate
    Fred Kevin’s PR person
    Real Estate again

  8. I am very disappointed about the Hatckery bid being cancelled. Not only would it be a plus for our enviroment but a wonderful learning opportunity for all who could go on a tour of the facility. It would add so much duversity to downtown. Now I suppose we will have another high raise condo, how interesting is that, NOT.

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