‘Discuss the Search,’ part 2

Sandra Ward, interim executive director for the Downtown Improvement Board, said today’s special meeting will facilitate a review of the top two finalists for the executive director position, as well as a discussion about what the upcoming interviews might entail.

“Maybe Mr. Peacock has a different plan,” Ward said, “but we’re doing it exactly as was approved.”

Earlier today, DIB board member John Peacock said he would have preferred more input into the search for a director. He also said he felt that whittling the list of 182 candidates down to two finalists happened “all the sudden.”

“I’m not getting it from the other board members,” Ward said.

One of Peacock’s concerns centered on the context in which the executive director search is occurring—the DIB is seeking a director at a time when a mayoral advisory committee has suggested dramatically retooling the organization. Ward said that issue had already made the list of issues to discuss with the candidates.

“Amongst other stuff,” she said.

Today’ DIB special meeting is scheduled for this afternoon at 4:30 p.m., suite 104, 41 N. Jefferson St.