‘Discuss the Search,’ part 3

Looking ahead to the specially-called meeting this afternoon, Downtown Improvement Board Chairman Corbett Davis, II said that he wanted to discuss the search process for an executive director.

“I just think we need to sit down, get it ironed out and get on the same page,” the chairman said.

The DIB search committee has narrowed the field of applicants down to two finalists, plus an alternate candidate. Interviews are scheduled for Jan. 30.

“To me,” Davis said, “the committee has kind of gone beyond their boundaries.”

The DIB chairman said that he expected the search committee to narrow the field to five and then present the full board with the short-list. He doesn’t think any resumes or candidate-list should have been issued—“they shouldn’t have even been sent out yet”—or forwarded to the mayor’s office.

“That’s where I am,” Davis said. “I don’t know where the other board members are—they may be happy with two.”

Sandra Ward, the DIB’s interim director, said earlier today that a process previously approved by the board was being followed. Davis said he didn’t know why the search committee was moving forward at such a pace.

“I don’t know why they’re trying to push it through so fast,” the chairman said, “but I think we’re gonna find out today.”

The DIB meets at 4:30 p.m., at 41 N. Jefferson St.