Do you like early voting? Lawmakers don’t

St. Pete Times is reporting the 2011 Legislature’s committees have approved:

• Cutting Florida’s early-voting period (nearly one out of five ballots were cast early in 2010) from two weeks to one.

• Barring anyone who has moved or changed a name, such as newly married women, from updating their information at the polls on Election Day and receiving a regular ballot. They would have to cast “provisional” ballots instead.

• Cracking down on, and expand penalties for, groups that try to register new voters — which used to be considered an all-American activity.

• Making it even harder for citizens to change the Florida Constitution by setting an earlier expiration date for petition signatures.

Read more. Low voter turnout usually helps the incumbent….unless you’re Ron McNesby.

The GOP leaders are high on power….or Clay Ingram’s manure bill.