Do you see it, too?

Every time a BP exec comes to Pensacola whatever he says “blows up” the next day.

Vessels of Opportunity: They brag about how they are putting fishermen to work. My investigation revealed that they signed up sailboats and ski boats.

Claims: They brag about how claim has been denied and that they are paying out $5000. My investigation revealed that while claims aren’t being denied, they were being stalled and greatly reduced. The average claim check were far less than $5000.

Clean-up: They brag about how many workers are being employed and that they have spared no expense. Even after the disastrous lack of manpower and materials at Grand Isle and Orange Beach, BP still wasn’t ready for what hit Pensacola Beach yesterday. They seem to be constantly “surprised” by this crisis.

It’s all about money. BP doesn’t want to spend the money—until they are force to do so. There is no preparation. Oil washes up on our white beaches, then BP needs to get a report (probably in triplicate); then they issue a purchase order (probably needs three signatures for approval); then they must get three bids for the best prices (also in writing); then the racks, workers, bags, etc. are ordered. Delivery will be in three weeks.

I am exaggerating (somewhat) but this is how infuriating the BP decision-making process is. They don’t listen to local leaders. They pretend to do so, but don’t. And then they play catch-up when the disaster hits us.

Their negligence and careless disregard for our lives is very apparent. Their words and pretty photo ops mean nothing.