Does the IN deserve to be attacked by Donovan, others?

blog cover Yes – at least, on our opinions.

Our opinion writings – Winners & Losers, Outtakes and Rants & Raves – evoke strong emotions. We take strong stands on the issues – jail brutality, domestic violence, poverty, voting rights and the future of this community. At times, we use humor, satire and parodies to make our point – similar to Will Rogers, Jon Stewart, South Park or Stephen Colbert. Those being questioned or opposed don’t like it.
After reading an opinion piece in the Independent News, there is little doubt where we stand.

In this poltically correct world, such writings invite discussion, debate and some push-back (attacks). I wouldn’t want it any other way. However, I wish the attacks were over the issues and disagreements on our editorial positions…not personal attacks on me. Saying we aren’t “Independent” or “News” is very similar to what Gov. Mike Huckabee said when he banned the Arkansas Times from his press conferences because of the editor Max Brantley’s blog. It’s very similar to how Bilbo attacked my hero Hodding Carter and his paper – Delta Democrat Times – when Carter opposed his racist agenda.
Have we demonized Marty Donovan and the SOC group? No. We have revealed the flaws in their logic and the weaknesses of their facts. We’ve questioned their motives and campaign tactics. And we’ve used humor to show how ridiculous some of their positions have been. They have a right to be mad at us – because the other media was giving them a fairly free ride. We’ve held them accountable for their actions and words –something they aren’t use to happening.

But I can’t seat quietly – whether the issue is a person being tortured with a Taser, jail death or an intentional misrepresentation of Community Maritime Park plan. You can attack me all you want on TV or radio, but you can’t silence me.