DOJ subpoenas focus on Santa Rosa Good Ol’ Boys

The Santa Rosa Board of County Commissioners have been served with two subpoenas for a Federal Grand Jury.

1) Asks for any and all records for the time frame January 1, 2004 to present on

a) Planning, design, site selection, bid solicitation and/or construction of any courthouse facility,
b) Sale, lease, financing, quitclaim or purchase of any real property from James Young and.or KWY Investments
c) All Requests for Proposal and other documents between the County, TEAM Santa Rosa and Joe Lee, Carter Goble Lee, Raymond Sansom and Ray Sansom, Inc.

See subpoena 30001

2) Any and all information on

a) Lifeguard Ambulance
b) Emergency management services consultations and contracts
c) Any discussions on purchase or sales with Bill Pullum, Bart Pullum, Garrett Walton, William McKelvy and/or Charlie Clary.
d) Any discussion with TEAM Santa Rosa on deals with above parties from January 2001 to present.
e) Travel to Honduras, Guanaja and/or Clark Cay –including any involvement with Honduran government
f) Travel to Washington, D.C.
g) Any Commissioner’s travel provided by Bill or Bart Pullum since January 2001.
h) Information and records concerning any/all SRC involvement with Mike Rogers, appraiser, to include any SRC recommendation to retain Mike Rogers for third appraisal of Pullum’s 90 acres in 2008-2009.

See subpoena (lifeguard) 20001