Dull debate

John McCain needed to hit a home run at last night’s debate. He failed to do so and gave us one of the dullest debates in recent memory. Found myself wishing that there was a baseball or football game on the television. Had to kept switching over to the Food Channel instead.

The Town Hall format was to be be McCain’s strength, but the debate didn’t really work for either candidate. However, Obama didn’t need this one as much as McCain did.

McCain looked old, stiff and creepy. I thought I was watching Peter Lorre doing an imitation of a candidate….kept expecting him to giggle and say, “You know, Obama, I have many a friend in Washington, but somehow, just because you despise me, you are the only one I trust.”

McCain has none of the vigor that Ronald Reagan brought to his campaign in 1980. Last night was not a good night for the McCain campaign.